Kassie Woodworth
If an inveterate crafter grew up to study fine art instead of engineering and proceeded to channel mild OCD tendencies into their sculptural products, they might create something on the order of Kassie Woodworth’s intricate oeuvre. In her intense experiments with pattern and repetition, the natural and the manmade, Woodworth creates pieces that often hew to a singular element: metal (sliced-up bits of oxidized copper gutters bent onto a steel armature), wood (waves of raw fibrous paper supported on pointy sticks), color (graphic monotypes whose handmade frame is stained a matching shade). These imbrications, a key strength of her work, point to others: The delicate laser-cut rectangles of wood in “Focus I and II” are both structure and material. The paper strips of “Circulate” hold the wooden spikes in place; the spikes, meanwhile, hold the paper in place. Flow, wave, accrete, repeat—Woodworth channels the strategies of nature whilst using its materials. What could be more integrative?

—Lori Waxman 2019-04-30 11:31 AM
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