Morgan Sims
A painter of irregularly shaped drip and spatter pictures, and a maker of graphically precise neon sculptures, it was only a matter of time before Morgan Sims put it all together. The resulting exhibition, Camouflage for Earth, on limited view this past summer at Bert Green Fine Art in Chicago, contains canvases in vivid all-over patterns of camo, gesture and blur, each topped with a haloing dash of colored neon. The overall effect is strangely cinematic, evoking images of movement in a dark and rainy futuristic city, like watching Blade Runner through a squint. If that’s not sexy and disorienting enough, note that the show feels very different depending which way you tilt your head. And do: the paintings, though wall hung, have no given orientation, a state enhanced by their being circles, triangles and trapeziums. Imagine “Nightshade” and “Lava” displayed flat, and the excitement of circling them as a viewer.

—Lori Waxman 2020-10-27 11:29 AM

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