Reid Silvern
It should mean that the message “Stay Home” has gone mainstream when vanilla soft-core porn stars start delivering it. If only that were true. While waiting out the pandemic in Tucson, Arizona, Reid Silvern has been busy creating pen, pastel and oil paintings full of the sexy blondes and brunettes of yesteryear, the kind found posing on the covers of pulp fiction novels and old-school pin-up posters. The ladies, all sultry smiles and come-hither eyes, practically promise extra special treats if you’ll just stay home and do your part in keeping the greater community safe and healthy. Unfortunately, these seductresses are about as real as is the claim that the U.S. is dealing responsibly with the coronavirus. It’s all pure fantasy, based on fulfilling the desires of heterosexual white males of a certain age. Maybe Silvern could start a campaign to finally convince our “grab ‘em by the pussy” president to take the recommendations of medical experts seriously by sending these pictures to the White House. If the fact that as of today more than 150,000 Americans have died of COVID-19 doesn’t sway President Trump to provide care and security for the people of this country, perhaps a bunch of hotties will.

—Lori Waxman 2020-07-30 12:08 PM
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