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February 1, 15 and 22, 2020

Co-Prosperity Sphere

Receptionists: Luis Raul Lopez Levi, Li-Ming Hu, KT Hawbaker

Organized by: Li-Ming Hu as part of her exhibition "Discombobulation", and for which she made this excellent video, which played on the critic's monitor when the performance was not in session

With help from: Nick Wylie of the Public Media Institute

Reviews to be published in print by Lumpen Magazine, April 2020. DELAYED due to Coronavirus pandemic. In the meantime, the Public Media Institute, which issues Lumpen, has been putting out the Quarantine Times, a daily online arts journal, and the reviews have been published there, there, and there.

Reviews now out in print, in Lumpen #137: Artists Run Chicago.

Written about in Newcity and the Chicago Reader